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Kintail Honey has long been well known as producers of high-quality honey.

The company has a diversity of activities besides producing honey. Honey from Kintail is packed not only under its own logo but also as house brands, and sold throughout the country. Several containers in bulk drums are sold to places such as Germany, Finland and Japan each year.

Kintail has for many years produced queen bees for its own use and for export. A relatively recent diversification is the sale of live bees to Korea and Canada. These consist of one or one and a half kilos of live bees in gauze boxes sent to the purchaser via aircraft. This operation is called 'package bees'. Kintail Honey in conjunction with Apiflora NZ Ltd are the major exporter in the industry.

During the October period Kintail Honey moves about 1,200 hives into apple pollination in the Central Hawkes Bay and Hastings areas.

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