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Dudley Ward established Kintail Honey in Dannevirke fifty years ago in 1947-48. His ancestors originated from pioneering Scottish background (the family McKenzie) from the mountain area in Scotland known as the Five Sisters of Kintai. They landed in Wellington in 1852, later buying land and travelling via bullock wagon to the Wairarapa.

In 1971 Kintail Honey became Kintail Honey-D.L.Ward & Sons and expanded its operation for a few years to include Tonga, where honey production, along with Queen Bee breeding was in operation.

In 1978 Kintail Honey - Dudley & James Ward brought additional hives. Kintail Honey now consists of some 5500 hives covering an area running from the Ruahines on the south side of the Tukituki River to Herbertville through Dannevirke to Woodville, down to Masterton, Martinbrough and Eastern Manawatu areas.

To allow this venture to be undertaken two senior stafTwere invited to join "Kintail Honey Wairarapa". With such a large area involved and three work bases (Takapau, Dannevirke & Masterton) during the summer Kintail Honey's distinctive green and yellow trucks and utes are a daily encounter for the local community. Kintail produces mainly clover honey and Manuka honey.

In 1995 Dudley Ward passed away after a long illness and James continues to run Kintail Honey.

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